Wednesday, 12 May 2010

DC Seals The Deal

So, that's that then. David Cameron is the newly, and finally elected, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As opposed to his election as one might have been, just might have been, it is time to wish him well. His boldness and determination will be needed to maintain Britain's fragile coaltion with Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats.

If the coalition lasts, it will be the Liberal Democrats which take the harsh edge off insensitive Tory policies. Unchecked, Cameron and Osborne would likely push too hard, too soon in what they see as the national interest, not noticing the trail of public destruction they would leave in their wake. The brutal excellence of capitalism and market renewal is less easily applied to families, to the young and the old. Losing your job is losing your job.

So, that's that then, David Cameron. We wish you well. Walk steady, walk tall, tread gently.

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