Thursday, 7 February 2013

EU Cyber Security Strategy, Not Quite A Double-Click

The EU Cyber Security Strategy, launched in Brussels today, has not delighted everyones' inbox. Viewed as lacking ambition, and as being merely an assessment rather than a forward looking strategy, the new Cyber Strategy won't be unfriended, but it isn't going to make it onto MEP's 'favourites' lists.

The Strategy has been criticised as an assessment of a variety of crimes involving the internet which fails to address questions of a strategic nature. It has also been slated for lacking a clear vision in the global context of defence and digital freedoms.

"Vagueness leaves room for undesired consequences" says Marietje Schaake, Dutch Member of European Parliament (ALDE/D66), and rapporteur for the recently adopted first Digital Freedom Strategy in EU foreign policy. "I welcome the Commission's initiative as a first step in starting a debate, but we can not lose time in addressing the most difficult questions ...READ MORE

by Brian Maguire, Brussels, 07 February, 2013 12:35 PM GMT+0100